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Small Coin Album - Universal

Price: $ 23.00

Small Coin Album - Universal

Measures 230mm x 170mm. Bound with two brass screw sets which are expandable (see Extension Screws and Interscrews). Available in black, green, brown, burgundy & blue).  Please ask for a colour preference.

Includes front and back cover plus the following pages:
1 x 8 pocket - pockets measure 56mm x 56 mm (suitable for large & 2x2 holders).
2 x 15 pocket - pockets measure 36mm x 36 mm (suitable for medium sized coins).
2 x 24 pocket - pockets measure 26mm x 30 mm (suitable for medium/small sized coins).
2 x 28 pocket - pockets measure 26mm x 26 mm (suitable for small sized coins).

Additional pages available.