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1999: $1 Fine Silver Frosted Uncirculated Kangaroo

Price: $ 80.00
MPN: Roos Box

1999: $1 Fine Silver Frosted Uncirculated Kangaroo.

Struck to impeccable Frosted Uncirculated quality from a troy ounce of .999 fine silver.  40mm diameter Australian legal tender coin.

This coin features a kangaroo family.  The kangaroo family, known as a Mob, usually mix together in large groups when there is plenty to eat.  The biggest male in a mob, called a boomer, can stand as tall as a man and propel himself forward thirty-three feet in one single jump.  

Once the food supply is exhausted, mobs travel together in search of fresh grass and water.  During this time, a joey will stay in its mother's pouch for around 230 days where it is safe and warm.  From time to ime it will venture out, only to return when frightened.  Once the joey is too large to fit into its mother's pouch, she will rebuff it.  However, the joey will stay close to its mother until it is completely independent.