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Our Forgotten Heroes - by D. M. Wyatt

Price: $ 75.00

Douglas M. Wyatt: Our Forgotten Heroes. 2016.

Signed. #20 of 100.  New - softcover - 262 pages.

A compendium, detailing the foreign military awards received by fifty Tasmanians during World War One. They received 12 different foreign awards, these being French, Belgian, Serbian, Italian and American"--

Full contents:     

    Ch. 1. Belgian Order of Leopold - Officer
    Ch. 2 Serbian Cross of Karageorge - 1st Class
    Ch. 3 Serbian Cross of Karageorge - 2nd Class
    Ch. 4 United States of America Distinguished Service
    Ch. 5 French Legion of Honour - 4th Class, Officer
    Ch. 6. French Medal of Honour with Swords, Silver
    Ch. 7 French Legion of Honour, 5th Class, Chevaliers
    Ch. 8 French Medaille d'Honneur (Bronze)
    Ch. 9 Italian Bronze Medal for Military Valour
    Ch. 10 French Medaille Militaire
    Ch. 11 French Croix de Guerre
    Ch. 12 Belgian Croix de Guerre
    Appendix 1. Recipients of foreign awards to Tasmanians, alphabetically
    Appendix 2. Recipients of foreign awards to Tasmanians, by unit
    Appendix 3. Recipients of foreign awards to Tasmanians, by award.