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2009: Birds of a Feather - Overprinted Prestige Booklet

Price: $ 50.00

2009 "Birds of a Feather" Booklet overprinted in gold "Celebrating Stamp Bulletin 300 issues - 9th September 2009 Australia Post Philatelic Bureau".

This limited edition “Birds of a Feather” Prestige booklet was in 2009 to commemorate the 300th edition of the "Stamp Bulletin" and 3000 were available (No. 2244 of only 3000) by mail order only.

The booklet was almost identical to the first prestige booklet. It contained the 4 minisheets plus two extra pages inserted before Page 1. The first had “Celebrating 300 issues …” imprinted in gold, the second was a minisheet with the block of the 4 different stamps. It also had a special “300 issue postmark” on its cover. This booklet was the only way to obtain all 5 minisheets and the special blocks and pairs.

Stamps feature: 55c Green Catbird; $1.10 Noisy Scrub-bird; $1.65 Mangrove Golden Whistler; and $2.75 Scarlet Honeyeater.

Excellent mint condition.

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