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Tasmanian Philatelic Society - The Courier # 35 - 2003

Price: $ 25.00

Tasmanian Philatelic Society journal The Courier, Edition No. 35 April 2003 (Special Edition) Tasmanian Revenues and Railways (74 pp).

Features articles on Tasmanian Revenues, Duties, Railway stamps, Revenue overprints, Tax and Entertainment stamps and more.


The Newspaper Duty stamps 1827; Neil Russell
Newspaper Tax in Van Diemen's Land 1827 -1829; Dingle Smith
The Lady and the Platypus - Sage of Second Stamp duty Series; Graeme Broxam
Revenue Overprints of Tasmania; Bill Lloyd-Smith
Tasmania on 3d Platypus - a previously unrecorded variety; Patrick Reid
Embossed Revenue Stamps of Tasmania; Dingle Smith
Tasmanian Specimen duty Stamps; Bill Lloyd-smith
Archival information on the Numeral Stamp Duty Series of Tas; Richard Peck
Australian Provident Mutual Society Overprints on Tasmanian Revenues; John Shepherd
Entertainment Tas Stamps in Tasmania; Bill Lloyd Smith
Tax Installment Overprints of 1940; Dingle Smith
Station Cancellations of Tasmanian Railway Parcel Stamps; Dr O. G. Ingles