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USA: 2005 - Operation Deep Freeze Postcard

Price: $ 15.00

USA - 2005 (Mar 22nd): postcard produced as souvenir of "Operation Deep Freeze", addressed to Tasmania.  "Airforce Postal Service APO" franking along with pictorial "Deep Freeze" cachet.  An attractive card but has some damage on RHS from Australia Post sorting machine.

A 'members only' souvenir cover produced by the Antarctica Services.

ANTARCTICA SERVICES and the associated ANTARCTIC PROTECTION SOCIETY were founded by Klaus Arne Pedersen at the World Expo in Brisbane, Australia, on August 8, 1988.  The goal was to provide an easy way for the members of the APS to receive optimal covers whose individual handling would be both very difficult and costly.

The numbers on the back relate to chronological issue, not how many were produced.