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Tonga: Tin Can Canoe Mail Cover: S.S. City Of Los Angeles Cruise Cachet (1934)

Price: $ 10.00
MPN: Box 2

Tonga - Cover to Massachusetts, USA by Tin Can Canoe Mail. With cachet of S.S. City Of Los Angeles 'Second 1934 South Seas Exploration Cruise.'
Postmark: 'Niuafoou' in black 7-bar cancellation.
Date: 13th August 1934.
With blue cachet in lines: 'Dispatched By Tin Can Canoe Mail, Niuafoou, Tonga'
With red boxed cachet: 'S.S. City of Los Angeles Second 1934 South Seas Exploration Cruise' with places visited, and below, 'Matson Line, Oceanic Line, Operators of regular services to Hawaii, South Seas, New Zealand and Australia.'
Postage Stamps: Tonga 'Queen Salote' 2½d Ultramarine
Size: 13.5cm x 8.5cm.
The back of the cover is blank.
Niuafoou, Tonga, is a volcanic island with a very rugged coastline which does not have a deep water harbour to accommodate ships. Postal deliveries to the Island were made via the so-called 'Tin Can Mail' system where mail was thrown overboard in water-tight tins and retrieved by local swimmers or canoes. When mail was dispatched from Niuafoou it was taken out to the ships by the same method.